Demolition Services

In the construction industry, destroying old structures is just as important as building new ones. We tear down anything from high-rise apartment buildings, water tanks to bridges or factories. Demolition includes blasting, which is the use of explosives, skilled manual workers and using excavator mounted hydraulic concrete breakers. We use Breaker Mounted Excavators, Electrical Breakers, Diamond Saws, Floor Saws, Wall Saws, Concrete Core Cutters, Tractor Compressors, Chain Blocks, Oxyacetylene Torch and Skilled Labours.

Methods we use in building demolition to destroying a structure depends on many factors. We take into account what the building is made of-brick, lumber, concrete, or metal.

Apart from demolition, we Retrieve Steel, Wood Items, Size Stones, Tools, Equipments, Machineries and etc... by giving best market rates to our clients so as to enable them to compensate demolition expenditure and site preparation.

Our Services Include: Rapid Demolition, Building Demolition, Concrete Demolition, Concrete Breaking, Concrete Chipping, Factory Shed Removal, Water Tank Demolition, Crane Foundation Demolition and Manual Pile Chipping and Carting and Shifting away of Debris from the site premises.